ConnectionsMax is a Pc version of the board game Connections.

  • Simple rules, fast and addictive gameplay!
  • Genuine Windows GUI look and feel
  • Games over Internet
    • User accounts
    • Public and private challenges
    • Delayed and real-time games
    • Up to nine games open simultaneously
    • Basic Stats (Wins, Losses, Score)
    • Player listing and rankings
    • Chat (Lobby and game opponent)
  • Local games
    • Computer AI opponent
    • Up to nine open/saved games
    • Local 2-player games
    • Basic stats(Wins, Losses, etc.)

Version updates:
  • 31.7.2009: Version 1.1 Minor bug fixes. New feature: Chat
  • 29.7.2009: Version 1.00 First public Release


Local Games Menu Internet Games Menu Internet Game In Progress

Download ConnectionsMax (Win32, .zip, ~1,6mb)